A Grape called Pinot – guide selection 2021

Loved, desired, rich, strong, malleable, perfect…

Many adjectives to recognize the essence of a grape variety like Pinot.

Each producer and each territory keeps hectares of Pinot in its heart. Discovering and enhancing it and making it known is sometimes difficult if not for a love “hidden” in the decision to cultivate it.

After years of discoveries throughout Italy, I decided to start another “project” to bring all the territories together and share how the love for Pinot is unique in each of us.

Still, vintage, classic method, Italian, vinified in white, rosé or red, pinot noir, pinot bianco or pinot grigio all gathered and narrated in a selection.

The Guide with rating will be composed as follows:


Winery – Description and motivation of the choice of the grape variety (via interview) 

Wines produced – with evaluation

Participation requires the sending of bottles to the editorial staff, more information can be requested at selezionepinot@zosimowineselection.com

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