FILIPPO II 2016 – TENUTE CUFFARO di Filippo Cuffaro


TENUTE CUFFARO di Filippo Cuffaro



Behind this wine there is a man, Rosario Cuffaro, he is not the typical winemaker, he is an “architect” of the vineyard. A meticulous man, on board his tractor he seems to delimit every corner, every plant, every furrow and you hear him talking to every plant as if day after day he was instructing it in production. The result is this Nero D’Avola with an important name like that of Filippo linked to his family. The notes are enveloping and feel of a sea breeze carried by the constant winds that envelop its territory almost all year round. On the palate it is a whirlwind of flavors that seem to come from every grain that our Rosary raises with love.